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Ireland's Taboo Circus!!!!!

There are no strangers here, just friends who have never met......

Thank you for visiting the Taboo Circus. This is my first attempt at a web page, so please excuse any errors. This page is just a list of some links that I found interesting etc. and I hope that they can be of some use to you. Please send me any comments or suggestions for this site or sign the circus guestbook and leave your comments there. May the best of your past be the worst of your future. Thanks for visiting!

The Ringmaster.

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Click here for the Official Irish Lotto Page

Official Ferrari Homepage

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You HAVE to download this screensaver. The best..!

The Cork Examiner
Local newspaper, Cork, Ireland
Listen to cops in the US live (Real Audio)
Triple M, Sydney
The world's greatest radio station (Real Audio)
Phone any phone in the world for a fraction of the cost. Please quote my a/c no. if you sign up: 7881-9237-9982

Sail Chernobyl
Sail around the world with the Coveney family......
Nestor, Cork
Visit one of the best pubs in Cork, Ireland
Dogpile Search
Multiple search engine

The Fart Farm
A rather unusual site.....
Budweiser Frogs Screensaver
Download the talking frogs here
Porsche Boxter Screensaver
Very good and interactive too
Pointcast News Screensaver
The best updated news screensaver
San Francisco Irish Soccer Team
Go see how the Irish play soccer overseas

Guinness Homepage
Go on a tour of the Guinness Hopstore

Visit the Heineken Homepage

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